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How often do you review and com­ment on a doc­u­ment while talk­ing on the phone with a col­league about an unre­lated mat­ter? Or think about your prob­lems at work while help­ing your child with his homework?
We are often exposed to infor­ma­tion and task over­load, and required to do mul­ti­ple things at once.  And we often don’t rec­og­nize how multi-tasking is enemy num­ber one when it comes to accu­rate and speedy performance…if you try to read a doc­u­ment while talk­ing on the phone with a col­league, you will prob­a­bly sound dis­tant and unin­ter­ested and may not get the buy-in you expected to get. If you think about your prob­lems at work while help­ing your child with his home­work, you will prob­a­bly miss oppor­tu­ni­ties to teach him some­thing valuable.

SalesforceVoice: How To Improve Your Sales By Asking Better Questions

In his book A Beautiful Question, Warren Berger makes the case that questions create the “lightbulb effect” needed to innovate in anything. It’s an art form all of us learned as kids and almost all of us have lost somewhere along the way to growing up.
In Berger’s view, there’s a pressing need to re-discover the art of asking questions as a way to spark the fresh thinking needed to make innovations happen.

"Monsters are real, and ghosts are real too. They live inside us, and sometimes, they win."Stephen King

"Monsters are real, and ghosts are real too. They live inside us, and sometimes, they win."
Stephen King

No Motivation? 7 Ways To Overcome A Lack Of Motivation

Good habits are hard to build and bad habits are hard to break. Make a resolution to eat a good breakfast every morning before you leave for work, and by the end of the week you’re back at your favorite coffee shop grabbing a latte and a donut for the commute. You have no motivation to stick to your goals or follow through on the promises you make to yourself.

Want to Be Happier? Work These 7 Magic Words into Your Vocabulary

With a tough job market, a hard time getting raises, and a high level of debt, many of us are getting hit with a triple whammy. This means that you need to take action and start working on improving your own happiness.

SalesforceVoice: The 6 Worst Decisions Sales VPs Make

Sales leaders have one task above all others: make the number. This task is accomplished as a result of dozens of big decisions throughout the year.  The trick when making those decisions is avoiding the bad ones because when the bad decision is made at the top, the damage is multiplied.

3 Qualities of People Who Drive Transformative Change

Transformation isn’t easy. It requires changing not only people’s minds but also their hearts. People who drive change share these three traits.

"People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing every day."Winnie The Pooh

"People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing every day."
Winnie The Pooh

How To Quit Negative Self-Talk & Get Happy

Negative self talk! Why have we all fallen victim to this nasty state of bringing ourselves down? Let’s get one thing clear, self-talk isn’t just mindless chatter spiraling around in your head. It has a way of creating its own reality. Telling yourself you can’t do something can make that come true.

How to Overcome a Fear of Flying

If you have aviophobia, or the fear of flying, there are ways you can prevent it from negatively affecting your life. Facing the facts, using relaxation techniques and taking medication are all ways you can overcome your fear and be free to explore the world.

4 common measurement mistakes

Measuring the value of public relations and communications is an ongoing struggle every PR and social media professional deals with. Companies want to see results but different numbers can tell very different stories. So what numbers really matter and what numbers don’t?

No One Is Born Racist

No One Is Born Racist

Work/Life Balance is a misguided metaphor...

Is it possible for individuals to achieve something significant in their life’s work without short-changing the people who count on them the most?

15 Leadership Thoughts for an Entrepreneurial Sales Leader

Sales leadership is hard. That is particularly true today when the relevance of sales is sometimes questioned, and many hypothesize that the power of the buyer invalidates all professional salesmanship. I disagree with the latter.

How to be more positive (in only 5 seconds)

Bad stuff happens. How we respond is up to us. Super successful people have mastered one special skill. They can change their mind - whenever they want. Learn the scientifically tested four-step process for changing your mind, being more positive, and getting more of what you like (in only 5 seconds).